What did the grape say when it got stepped on? 

Nothing really but it let out a little wine.

People are so scared of AI helping students cheat but I can’t stop thinking about how it would have helped me and potentially taught me better ways of expressing my ideas in English, growing up. English is really my second language and since I grew up speaking Japanese at home, I’ve always felt somewhat inadequate about my writing and speaking skills at school. Even now tbh. 😞

Have been wondering about this device I saw on my feeds. Looks like fun ok. Ppl should know what kind of signals all our devices and cards are emitting and how if u ask me. wired.com/story/what-is-flippe

Our future will consist of only ai friends and family. We won’t need each other anymore cause we’ll have a comfortable, supportive ai environment custom designed for us to optimally thrive in. No more insecurities, no more fomo, no more trauma, no more loneliness, and no more navigating complex social situations. We’ll be living in complete denial but we won’t even care. We’ll have everything we need to be happy and will be living our best lives.

Nightmare from a couple of nights ago. 😅

Beads exhibition at Shoto Museum in Tokyo. Mexican bead art. Reminded me of pixel art.

Saw a photo like this of Picasso at a museum yesterday and thought of vr/ar drawing experiences. Also Picasso was hot if u ask me.

The running joke in Japanese mastodon seems to be writing mastodon like マスト丼. Don meaning donburi as in bowl. Like 牛丼Gyudon is beef bowl. カツ丼 Katsudon is pork katsu bowl 天丼 tendon is tempura bowl etc. so マスト丼masuto-don lol. when googled I found a recipe for it on cookpad which is the most popular recipe sharing site.


whats the solution for multiple languages? in twitter, ive seen some ppl make two accnts, one in one lang & the other in another lang. but listen im not thaaaat into tooting/tweeting that id double the time it takes to do aaaaall the interactions ok. i guess auto translation is a solution, but that usually sucks, esp from jp to eng. i might try [english follows] or something like that. (⊙_⊙)?

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Here is the full online archive of Technical Aesthetics, a monthly industrial design magazine published by the Soviet Technical Aesthetics Research Institute from 1964 - 1992.


A old but active newspaper vending machine in Tokyo at a neighborhood newspaper distribution point. It’s name is “news-kun” which could probably be translated to something like news buddy. The color combo is particularly 👌

I’m bringing this up cause loneliness.academy runs on a raspi which is much cheaper (if we ignore the supply issue) and easier to use. It’s p cool to know exactly where it is physically.

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Abt 10 yrs ago, got on sale a pogoplug - no it’s not a sex toy ok, it’s a “low energy microserver” as it was called back then. Looked like a deck of cards riding a sleigh basically im serious. It came w proprietary software & you had to use your web browser to log into their website to then add stuff to your pogoplug thru their website - which is basically🤦🏻‍♀️ cause it’s sitting right there next to you. Anyways, you could basically wipe it & put a LAMP server on it.

Excuse me. Do ppl ever use these star things? I’m just wondering. How do I give the mastodon nod? Asking for a friend.

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