Everything after a question mark in a url is the devil’s business

This weekend my partner Jane and I did a 48 hour game just for fun!

I made Devil Daddy Descent, a mostly functional turn based, side scrolling shooter about a stylish demon done in #pico8

It has:
💀 4 enemies
🎯 magic shooting
💣 bombs
🥾 stomping
🗺 procedural levels
📈 some difficulty scaling
🙅‍♂️ no sounds (ran out of time)

Play it here! andymakes.itch.io/devil-daddy-

Coming back to my video feedback arcade shooter!

Added a new feedback setting and a big rotating laser to go with it.

Video had to be very short for compression to not totally eat it up.

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using goto is like embedding a fun little easter egg hunt in your code

imho all code should be as funny as it can be without compromising readability and structural integrity. if some poor asshole has to ever read it at least they'll have a chuckle

every time i use goto among modern templated C++ code, i let out a little chuckle

what is everyone's setup for versioning game builds?

asked GPT4 to generate C code for a simple pong game that runs in the terminal and it generated it on first try along with instructions on how to install libncurses and build it

the first time your game AI beats you at your own game feels so good

while preparing for an upcoming talk i stumbled across a weird new technique in 8fl: you can tweak the loop points of a sample live while the song is playing and it sounds bizarre

For those that are interested on compiling and running #GlslViewer as a #blender3D custom rendering engine. Here is a little tutorial on how to do it. #b3d


A few years ago we organized a small conference on renderer architecture and then brought it as a course at SIGGRAPH 2021. This year we will make it an open virtual conference, available to all to attend. I'm happy to announce the Rendering Engine Architecture Conference 2023 is happening virtually June 5th and 6th! Please go to our site to register and even submit a talk:


(Co-organised with: @kenpex, @stevemcauley and Mike Vance.) Join us!

repeatedly googling different variations of "bomb software"

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does anyone remember a trippy generative visual software from the late 90s called "BOMB"? i can't find a video of it anywhere.

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