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it's both incredibly annoying that i have to think about that and incredibly exciting that this level of optimization options exists

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a small window into how vulkan programming differs from opengl: after a driver update, i started getting read/write artifacts in a chain of render to texture calls for a post processing effect. after a lot of headscratching it turned out to be a flag to the subpass synchronization that synchronized framebuffer access only in the local memory region of the framebuffer, which is designed to be of unknown size and which the new drivers apparently changed.

just noticed my pirated Cowboy Bebop folder has a meme subfolder

ah the joys of rolling your own engine: updating to latest nvidia drivers makes my game's rather complex post processing pipeline fail on certain texture reads. 👍

PRAXIS FIGHTER X is out now!

Dodge bullets and fight off the militarized police force defending a corporate toxic sludge pipeline in this fast-paced shmup for the PICO-8 fantasy console.

Play it on itch: sparsegamedev.itch.io/praxis-f
Lexaloffle BBS: lexaloffle.com/bbs/?tid=140077
Newgrounds: newgrounds.com/portal/view/916

Thanks for checking it out <3

#gamedev #pico8 #shmup #stg

new blog post: level design notes for "Taught By Thirst", my new Quake map that adapts de_aztec from Counter-Strike blog.radiator.debacle.us/2024/

part of Remix Jam where we adapted maps from other games for Quake (e.g. Blood Gulch!... and Rainbow Road?!) slipseer.com/index.php?resourc

one thing you can do in Vulkan that you cant do in OpenGL is cause someone’s computer to hard reboot

impressively, Google Translate will keep the emojis and move them to be after the correct word even if the word order is different in the target language

does anyone want to playtest a deck building tactics game? hit me up on discord at toastie_toastie if you do

software jobs are either 'you'll be writing verified machine code for pacemakers keeping thousands of people alive' or 'we need someone to add buttons with rounded corners to our website' and they both pay the same

any time i make any sudden movements, my dog thinks it's playtime and goes and gets all his toys ready and it's heartbreaking to let him down what kind of game design is this

I am now on the editorial board of Taper!


If you've never read it before, Taper publishes code-poems 2048 bytes or less written in pure HTML and JS.

I've submitted work to several issues and I'm really excited to see how it looks from the other side.

There are still a few days to submit to the next issue!


I saw this online somewhere and I just had to recreate it. This is my coding happy place.

what's a good place to find indie game composers?

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